Love Thursday-Friends Who'll Help Follow Dreams

I spoke with Karen the other day (lovely as always) about reaching one of my goals, to swim with whale sharks. For several years growing up I thought about becoming a marine biologist and hoped to specialize in sharks. Clearly I went in another direction but, I still love marine life and especially love sharks. I decided several years ago to swim with as many species of sharks as I possibly could. I discovered that whale sharks are pretty much the most docile thing in the water, so I decided to start with whale sharks. Whale sharks migrate to a little island off Mexico, Isla Holbox, to feed on the microscopic plankton. Two years ago, we roped our very dear friends, Karla and Travis to join us for a rustic vacation to swim with whale sharks. I began to remember all the wonderful things that happened on our trip to swim with whale sharks.
Preparing to enter the water, see "Bruce" our whale shark in the water? (Photo courtesy of Travis)

What really stands out to me is how great Karla and Travis have been to us over the years. We have enjoyed so many fun trips thanks to them. We've been fortunate enough to convince them to come with us on most of our hair-brained adventures. Travis is a huge motivating force in getting me to run the half marathon (Karla will accompany my husband in drinking the Napa grapes while Travis and I run-and hopefully T runs as well). It seems fitting then, that this Love Thursday is for the love of good friends, the friends that travel well; who support crazy, hair brained ideas. We pink puffy heart you Karla and Travis.


  1. I heard your vacation friend is a good one-handed swimmer too

  2. We puffy hear you too!


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