Friday Favorites

Two of my new favorite things

1) Twitter. Ok, I am late in coming to the party. But, I love it. I can actually "talk" with Mir, Karen, and even Neil Patrick Harris. It's easier than texting, and quicker than email. If you are not using this, sign up now. Remember how cool it was when you first discovered e-mail? That's twitter. My husband did tell me to stop reading him all the funny tweets I receive. I can't help it, Mir cracks me up!

2) Nutland nut snacks. *Not a paid review. I purchased all my packages of NutLand with my own money* These are so good. They are so good that I have driven or called around to most of the grocery and specialty food stores in Houston to find them. Only one store, Central Market, carries the line. I make special trips to Central Market to buy in bulk. Yes, they are that much better than anyone else's line-trust me. Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free, All taste. Yummy.

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  1. OK I am officially old and way out of the loop! I've never even seen twitter and have no clue what it is/does. Please fill me in tomorrow.
    Here's to a big dinner full of carbs tonite!!


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