Starts and Finishes

Starting line of the Rodeo Run. My first 10k. So nervous.

Having the Aggie band at the starting line did not pump me up. People, when I'm nervous, the Aggies are not going to help!
Feet, get ready for some running. 1 hour, six minutes to be exact.Thank God for T, my running buddy. Without her encouragement and company, I would have started walking at about mile 3! Our conversation around mile 3:
Me: This officially sucks.
T: The adrenaline will kick in soon.
Me: My adrenaline is looking for a chair.
At the finish line. Thank God. A 10K is more than twice as worse as a 5k.
On the way to the car after the race, T and I saw chandeliers hanging in the trees at Discovery Green. How perfect. What a great idea for an outdoor party or event.

After running longer than I have ever run before, a parkway full of chandeliers was well deserved! I'm half-way to my half marathon goal. It wasn't pretty, but we did it. The rest of the weekend? I was too tired to remember anything!


  1. YAHOO~ still SO excited that we did it. I actually feel totally back to normal today (well aside from drinking too much beer while watching hockey game yesterday). You are the perfect running buddy Elz!
    Love this post and I'll link to it tomorrow.

  2. I would have had to laugh out loud at the chandy's in the trees.
    Just for YOU!

  3. Sandi,
    I KNOW, it was perfect. Just perfect for two decor/design bloggers walking by. We loved it.

  4. And why wouldn't the finest band in TX at the race pump you up? :) Proud of you Elz!


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