Super Bowl Chowdown Sunday

As much as I love college football, I just can't get too excited about professional football. Part of my apathy comes from years of disappointment in the Texans. But, I do love a great Super Bowl party as much as the next fan. So, we headed to our friend's party this evening. We came prepared with three of our most popular dishes: beer bread, bacon stuffed jalapeno poppers, and chocolate sheet cake. None of these recipes are my own, but I'll share two with you today because the results are undeniable. (The third recipe is my husband's and I have no idea how he makes them!)

1) Beer bread, originally from my friend Alex. I think her recipe varies slightly from this:
3 cups self-rising flour, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 12oz beer. Combine ingredients and place dough in a greased loaf pan. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. You can add some melted butter at the end and cook it a bit longer, but I find that unnecessary. The bread comes out fairly dense, but very moist. While there is beer inside, it is perfectly safe for kids to eat. I suggest serving this with BBQ, cutting lengthwise and horizontally.

2) The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake (Pioneer Woman's recipe), renamed the "Almost a Pound of Butter Cake." I used to be known for homemade brownies, this cake has quickly supplanted my brownies in terms of requests from friends and neighbors. Make this today-but only if you have alot of guests. You need lots of people to help you eat it or you will be tempted to eat an entire cake. So good.

I hope everyone enjoyed an evening full of good friends and great food. What is your favorite football watching snack or food? I'd have to pick queso and chips-yum!

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  1. I have made that chocolate sheet cake.
    OMG~ just the thought of it makes me weak.


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