Sweet Crafts for Valentine's Day

We had an unexpected day off this week. The change in plans helped the girls and me finish some Valentine's projects-not all our projects- but a couple.

First, we finished the Ladybug Valentines for Em's class. Thankfully M's class made their Valentine's in class, so we didn't have to prepare anything for her to exchange. Since we had a little more time,. we took on a more time intensive valentine. The ladybug Valentine itself is not too difficult, but making over 30 of them does take some time. Cindy has a detailed tutorial here. I made the following changes: 1) we used stickers and foam hearts on the wings to let Em get really involved, 2) I couldn't find googly eyes anywhere, so we substituted pink tissue paper for the head and then used a marker to make eyes, 3) We used tape for the lollipops, and 4) I used mini scrapbook brads (they come in black and white) to connect the wings; using a safety pin to pierce the card stock worked really well.

We enjoy art projects and this project let Em and M create while I did the more mechanical parts. M loved the ladybugs so much that she insisted on making some for her teachers. I really love the way the ladybugs turned out. I just can't buy store-made Valentines. But, next year, I am doing these-awesome!

We also finished Valentine's heart monogram shirts for each girl. I love making freezer stencil shirts. So easy, such a great impact. I also love this craft because you can basically let the kids do whatever they want.

I started making these shirts last summer after looking at the numbered shirts for sale, but decided that I could make something just as good for less money. I use the tutorials from Ambrosia Girl and Bethany Actually and have made shirts as party gifts and birthday gifts. There are a ton of great tutorials out there, so I'll just add my suggestions gained from experience:1) wash the shirts before painting, 2) choose a bold, simple design, and 3) don't let your kids paint in white shirts-that was a rookie mistake! The most difficult part is finding solid color shirts in the right sizes.


  1. can you come over to my house and do crafts with me?

  2. so cute.


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