Love Thursday-New Year and New Decade

Love is remembering that a decade ago you and your spouse were just dating, partying with all your (mostly single) friends in Steamboat. You were all a carefree, child-free group of friends enjoying a week of partying and skiing. Remembering that this night ten years ago was spent with him battling the worst case of food poisoning (we thought it might be malaria!). Together then, and together now. We might have spent tonight very differently from a decade ago; we had pizza and champagne (milk for the kids with friends, and lots of princess dress-up). But, we are together, this decade and many more to come. Love binds you together. Love helps you through the tough years, the good times, the bad times, and all the times in between. Love is the celebration tonight, tomorrow, next year.

May your new year be full of much joy, happiness, and love...and no bad cases of chili or food poisoning!

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