My husband and I have been a couple for over 10 years now. My husband started our courtship trying to impress me with romantic gestures, bringing me flowers on our first date and constantly surprising me. For the past several years, his romance quotient (flowers, surprises, etc.) has been relatively low. Not to say that he isn't loving, kind, wonderful, and sexy. We are a very laid-back couple and tend to not make a big deal out of things like flowers and Valentine's Day. I recall one year being asked to buy my own Anniversary card! Well, I guess he must have been saving up because he outdid himself this month. Exhibit 1) He bought me flowers! This is a rare event indeed, and the flowers are actually the Hydrangeas I posted about last week. So I can plant them in our yard for years to come (hopefully), 2) He surprised me with romantic trip to our honeymoon destination. We went to a charity auction and he bid on the vacatation package without me knowing. It was a complete and utter surprise and I can not wait to go back! (only this time to a much nicer resort), and 3) just now, he was putting new lights in the bathroom-swoon. I never mentioned that the lights needed replacing. I loved it. Do men know how much we appreciate those little things? I try not to take it for granted because those little tasks really do pile up. Thank you sweetie, love you. Ah, romance. Or, it could be that it is hunting season so I've been left for the call of the wild countless times already, culminating in a deer trip this week?!

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