Friday Favorites-Strawberry Cupcakes from Crave

I consider myself something of a dessert connoisseur, and cupcakes are high on my list of loves. If you don't already know about the strawberry cupcakes at Crave Cupcakes (in Uptown Park), then your dessert life is incomplete. The strawberry cupcakes from Crave just may be the best cupcake ever. A very close second is Sugarbaby's Red Velvet. Normally I am a chocolate girl through and through, but the strawberry cupcakes are special and just perfect in every way. Perfectly mouthwatering...mmmm I think cupcakes are in order today. Yes, the chocolate ones are delicious as well.

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  1. Yummy....if I wasn't eating all of this chocolate on my desk AND if traffic in the galleria area wasn't a nightmare right now I'd rush out to grab a few of those cupcakes.


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