What Have I Done?

A little history. I am not a runner. Prior to about a month ago (October 5), my experience with running consisted of the Presidential Physical Fitness tests we had to do in school, or running after one of my kids. Running was not my idea of a good time. I kept active mainly by swimming competitively growing up, and lately cardio and weights. A couple months ago I decided to shake things up and try to set a goal of running a half marathon. I figured I’d start with a 5K, then a 10K, then finish with a half marathon. It was sort a fuzzy goal. I knew I definitely did not want to go for a full marathon, but a half seemed completely doable. My sister and brother in law both started running while they were deployed and are total runners now and compete in triathlons, the whole deal. So, my sister was really encouraging. We decided to look for fun destinations to run the half- San Diego, Orlando, and I thought Napa would be fun. You run, then you drink wine, what could be better? Now I’m thinking Not running could be better, MUCH better!

I started with a 5K on Halloween. I ran the whole way and finished with a good time. Then, I did another 5K. And yesterday I signed up for my first half marathon in July. ACK. That’s only 7 months to add another 9 miles to my running. Ack! Sure, that sounds like enough time. But I am freaking out.
I’ve been inspired by Kristen Emily, Linda, and Kristin. So, I’m hoping I can follow their lead. I’m hoping the end goal of accomplishment followed by a glass of wine will be enough to spur me on.

I'm hoping that posting this will keep me inspired enough to get moving...and keep moving!

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  1. Let's run a marathon together!! I've always wanted to and now that I'm 40 I MUST do it. :-) I run every am and ran a few 10K's in Boulder and loved it.


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