The Pioneer Woman & Me

Technically I saw Ree. However, I did not make it to get her signature. Y'all, there were a ton of people. They handed out tickets to wait in line, I was in group vanilla. There were about 25-45 people in each group. I was 10 groups down. If it had been a normal weekend, I would have just stuck it out. But, I had babysitters to get back to. I got to hear Ree answer a few questions and was surprised at how soft spoken she seemed to be. She answered the questions just as you would imagine her to, except the additional information we got to know about Marlboro Man's choice of underwear! That was a surprise! She did mention that she would be publishing Black Heels to Tractor Wheels in the next year or so. She mentioned that she was adding a new second section to the story so there would be more juicy bits to read. I love reading those blog posts, so I think the book will be a fun read. I hope that she comes back to Houston for that book signing so I can get my cookbook signed.

I didn't chicken out, but I didn't get the signature I wanted. Really I just wanted a chance to tell her how much I appreciate her photography and cooking tips, and that her stories keep me laughing on a daily basis. Ah well, I'll make some cinnamon rolls and get over the mammoth mess that dirving out to the signing and leaving without a signature was!

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