Notes to Folks

Note to Opposing Counsel
A “compromise” document is not the original document you sent me minus all my changes. A “simple” Agreement is likewise not a 53 page document.

Note to Rude Mother in my Daughter’s Class
This is not your first time driving to school, you know that the lane ends early. Cutting me off was not cool. That is 5 minute parking for a reason. If you pull in before me and are still in the classroom when I am done dropping off my 2 kids (less than 5 minutes), you are taking too long. If I then proceed to wait in my car for 3 minutes b/c I am blocked in at this point and have to get out to ask the people behind me to back up so that we all can get out since you have not yet made it to your car. You still haven’t gotten to your car when I leave, you are officially rude. No playdates for your kid.

Note to Christmas,
What the hell? How did you get here so quick?

Note to My Awesome Friend,

Thank you. Thank God your brother had tickets for us. Face Value!! Can’t believe it!! So lucky!!! Time to get new Texas Longhorns apparel for the game.

Note to Alabama,
Prepare to be stomped. Texas is coming. We’re Bigger, we’re badder, we’re underdogs. Just how we like it.

Note to Colt McCoy and Texas Offense,
Please show up on January 7th. Shock and Awe baby.

Note to Texas Defense,
You rock, keep it up.

Note to T,
Thanks for the card. Em was so excited to receive it. We’re so glad you are our friends. Thanks for always encouraging me. Merry Christmas!

Note to my Hair,
Decide what you are going to do and stick with it already. Who ever heard of schizophrenic hair?! You officially suck.

Note to new friends we've made this year,
We don't send Christmas cards, nothing personal. It started off as an early greeting, then morphed into procrastination, now it is our tradition. Expect a card on Texas Independence Day, or Arbor Day, or Tax Day, or Easter. Just not Christmas. We love you, pinky swear. you'll see.

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  1. Note to Elz- I'm SO relieved that I drop my daughter off at a different school so I'm confident that I am not the 'rude mother in your daughter's class' (I'm now the rude mother in some other class at some other school). :-)

    Great post and Merry Christmas!


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