Manic Monday

Today was one of those days I should have stayed in bed.

We had a long travel weekend, so we were pretty tired this morning. Unfortunately, I have also been feeling sick, so that didn't help. The day was overcast, foggy, very spooky, very gloomy. The real trouble started when my husband tried taking the girls to preschool. His car wouldn't start. After we jumped the battery, he took off. Just as I was heading out the door for work, he called to tell me the car died again at the school. I needed to stay home until he got there so we could make sure the car didn't die again. Clearly, the story doesn't end there. We decide to take his car to the dealer. Well, we didn't really have a choice since the car is still under (extended) warranty (woo!) and my husband had a flight to catch for a business trip. After driving to the dealer, I then got to deliver my husband to the airport. I finally get to work and proceed to have one project after another tank. This means that the past few weeks of work I have been doing now has to be undone, redone, and finished by the end of the week-end of today would have been better. Swell. To top it off, one of the girls spiked a fever at school. Blammo- I need to take her the the doctor tomorrow (no school for kids with fevers). She's been complaining of a sore throat, as I have, and I am hoping its not strep. But frankly with my luck today, it will be strep.

Thank God tomorrow is a new day-and its not Monday!!

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  1. Yuckola Elz- hang in there....just a few more days until Christmas break!


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