Works for Me Wednesday

I'm posting this to Works For me Wednesday at We are THAT Family. This idea isn't exciting, or possibly even interesting. But, I have two girls who have a metric ton of hair accessories. We have a great hair rack for all the bows, clips, and ponytail holders. Unfortunately there just wasn't room for the headbands. Until a few weeks ago, I kept all the headbands in a basket, but it was getting kind of full. We also have a towel bar hung right over the girls' toilet. Inexplicable. I never really knew what to do with the towel bar. You can't really hang a towel over it b/c of the height. But, it was the perfect place to store all the headbands. Voila! Headbands within easy reach, towel bar used, and everything is easily accessible but not junky. It works for me.

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  1. Great idea Elz! I finally attacked Naya's room last weekend and have her headbands hanging on hooks next to her dressing table and all of the rubber bands in a big baggy. I have a wide ribbon hanging at the end of her bed for all of her hair clips. Why does a girl who never wears hair accessories, let alone brush her hair have so much you ask? Good question my friend...


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