Balancing Bubbles

I take on way too much. Usually I juggle just enough to keep all the balls in the air. But lately I feel like I've been balancing bubbles, at any moment something is going to pop. Nothing too dramatic or upsetting, but I feel "off." I remembered this image I took a few years ago of our friend's niece and figured it would be perfect for a Wednesday "Hump Day" picture. It was a perfect moment, right before the bubble burst.What are your tricks for getting through the "hump" days? So far Girl Scout cookie eating is not working out so well.

A funny kid story is keeping me sane for now...
My husband heard M yelling tonight after bedtime (our girls share a room). "Em, be quiet. Em, BE QUIET." He went to investigate and Em was sound asleep, snoring. M was yelling at her to try to wake her up so M could get to sleep! Classic.

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  1. That photo is amazing Elz! Balancing bubbles is such a great analogy...LOVE this post. I feel your pain, between the running, blogging, working, bday pary planning, trip planning and packing, crafting, laundry, events at just NEVER ends! UGH. The more bubbles I balance the more wine bottles end up in my recycling bin. :)


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