Love Thursday-Ranch Life

Kid's tractor-play version
Last week, my husband took the girls for a quick trip to our friends' ranch property. They were there for about a day and a half (first time I was away from my girls and my husband for non-work reasons). My husband loves the outdoors and is obsessed with owning our own piece of Texas ranch property. He loves to hunt, fish, the whole shebang. As the girls grow, my husband is really enjoying having the girls join him on his adventures. Our little princessy girls will walk out to him in their dress up costumes to see what he's brought back from a hunt. Believe me, the hunting thing is all his genes! The girls love riding around the ranch on the tractor with him. They helped him plant seed and put feed out for the animals. The three of them (along with his friend and children) generally had a great time "down on the ranch."

All three came home Friday night and I could see the dirt from about 40 yards away. The girls may not have gotten a bath while they were at the ranch, but they got a lot of daddy love. For Love Thursday , I hope you do something you love, tractor riding, painting, whatever makes you happy.

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