Friday Favorite-Tim Gunn!

In case you haven't guessed what item I am crossing off my list this weekend, it's meeting Tim Gunn! I am so excited. I've been watching Project Runway since the first episode and Tim is definitely one of the reasons I still watch. (I may not keep watching since they just kicked off Anthony in favor of Emilio and Mila, blech). But, I've thought the judges were wrong before...Tim brings such class to the show and to every show he's been involved in. I've read most interviews he's given and am waiting anxiously for his book to become available to read. Tim is the epitome of style, class, and kindness. I can not wait. I am a little scared about choosing the right outfit-it's Tim Gunn; it has to be perfect. I just can not wait to meet him and maybe have the chance to ask him a question or two. if you could meet Tim Gunn, what would you ask him? What celebrity or public figure would you most like to meet?


  1. I didn't get to watch last night. Now I am in mourning.

    No advise... 'Make it work!'

  2. Would you believe that I have never watched that show and I really don't know much about him?! I would ask him what his favorite upcoming spring trend is in women's fashion.
    Can't wait to hear all about it and get picks of your outfit for us too!! :)

  3. "Talk to me"
    I'd love to ask him what it was like to have a dad in the FBI!
    As for me, despite everything, Tiger is still the guy I'd like to meet.
    Enjoy crossing it off the list. He is really something.
    Your list is getting smaller and smaller.


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