Scenes from Our Weekend

Texas in the Springtime. This photo is unedited, nature's beauty. We are so lucky to have a patch of bluebonnets a few houses down. I can't wait for our bluebonnets to bloom (we planted several patches this year).
There was lots of chalk.
The rider of this bike also can now make it all the way across the monkey bars BY HERSELF! Very exciting.

Craft project-Baby Banner. Completed!
And, the Best Enchiladas ever. Made by my loving husband. So, so, so good.

We had a great weekend. Hope your weekend was a nice mix of lazy, sun, play, and good food too!


  1. Great photos...looks like a fun weekend was had by all!!

  2. I love springtime in Texas. The bluebonnets are beautiful.

  3. The enchiladas look delicious! YUM. I heart enchiladas!
    I love the bluebonnet and the chalk hand ;-) So cute!


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