Made it Work!

*This post is long because meeting Tim Gunn was a BIG, BIG, huge deal for me.*
Meeting Tim Gunn was, in a word, Fabulous! The only thing that could have made it better is if he asked me to develop a fashion/style program aimed for moms and working women. Since that didn't happen, here's what did:

I stressed out about my outfit for a few days, I was going to wear a black blazer, t shirt, denim skirt and multiple necklaces. I decided to follow some friend's advice and wear this ensemble (minus a few accessories ala Coco Chanel). Thank you J. Crew, Anthro necklace, and my husband's grandfather for the cool vintage watch. I "shopped my closet", just like Tim later told us all we should do: While I was freaking out about what I was going to wear to meet a fashion guru, sadly the rest of Houston did not. People showed up in all manner of sad jean outfits- flips flops, jean shorts, sweats. It was awful. I wanted to tell Tim that we really can dress. I was ashamed. Come on Houston, step it up!
I ended up arriving at the Galleria pretty early because I wasn't sure when things would start and I did not want to miss a second. After an initial snafu, I was able to get a fairly good seat for the fashion show. A short time later, the show began and TIM was there. Wow. The Fashion Show featured Kate Spade, Juicy, and Lucky clothing and accessories. I don't usually look at those lines or the stores, and I really didn't see anything that I "had" to have. The show featured rompers and "dress shorts" neither of which is a style I support or would wear. I thought the colors were pretty pedestrian and wasn't too wowed by anything. But, Tim and his co-host (in a romper with hose/tights) were very entertaining and did a good job of showing how a few changes could really make each outfit very different. She lost me 1) with her romper, 2) when she suggested wearing a pair of leather shorts with leggings to the office. Tim said No. Ha-I agree.
During and after the show, Tim gave out great fashion and style advice, here are some of the ideas I wrote down:

Per T's request, I asked Tim what his favorite Spring trend is. His answer- "A return to classics for both men and women. I love a great blazer (Dangit, I should have worn my blazer). Classics never go out of style and can be worn so many different ways. whether it is a boyfriend jacket, find what works for you."
What would you add to your list of basics. "Nothing really to add, just concentrate on those pieces. I love a great trench coat and every woman should have a basic black dress, you'd be amazed at how few women have that dress."

Think of your body in 3rds, break it up with a belt, scarf, etc.
Follow your own natural silhouette
"Denim shorts are in abundance and not for everyone." He used that phrase "not for everyone" a few times (denim shorts, rompers, leggings, gladiator sandals). I could tell those were the items he really didn't care for. I agree. Except on you, of course those trends look awesome on you!

He encouraged mixing patterns but said to make sure that the scales work so that you don't end up wearing a "test pattern."
I don't think Project Runway will return to LA. It was supposed to switch back and forth between LA and NY. You could tell from the audience that we wanted it to stay in New York, and so does Tim. Tim wants to see the show shake it up a bit. I hope that means different judging or different format.

Tim suggested that there is nothing wrong with finding your "uniform." He said Michael Kors has a uniform, he has a uniform. For example, Nina does not, that got a huge laugh!

He stressed the importance of great foundation garments. He mentioned Spanx and that he's tried them on (not that the wore them or needs them) and almost dislocated his shoulder!

What to wear with jeans- depends on the situation. But, please wear dark wash denim. (I agree) Best jeans are those with no taper, no flare, dark wash, not ripped or torn-"talk about war torn."

The meeting.
I managed to be one the first few people to meet Tim. It was really amazing. They had us go up in either small groups or by ourselves (I was by myself), and each person got a good amount of time with Tim to take a picture and chat. I pretty much memorized what happened when I met him, so this is pretty verbatim:
Me: Hi, I'm Elzabelz (except I used my real name).
T: Don't I know you?
Me: Why, yes of course. I am a super fashionable person who works with designers all time time. What I said was, "No, I think I look familiar. I get that all the time actually." (I do, it's weird.)
T: Really? Are you sure we haven't worked together before?
Me: Well, if you want to work with me Tim, please let me know. I'll be happy to!
T: Your outfit is great.
Me: Really? Thanks.
T: Yes, you are doing the 1/3 thing well. Your belt, your skirt, your shoes..
Me: You realize I'm never changing out of this outfit, right?
ha hah hah aha
(His assistant/co-host Romper Woman was there too).
RW: It's really great. What material is your skirt?
Me: It's dark denim, just like you (Tim) mentioned earlier.
RW: May I touch the material?
Me: Sure.
T: Who made it?
Me: It's J Crew.
RW: Oh, they do really nice stuff.
T: Yes, their line has been really great. So, what do you do?
Me: I'm in health care, I'm an attorney. I have to tell you that is is so great to meet you. I have been a huge fan since the very beginning.
T: When did you start watching?
Me: The very first show. Even though sometimes I don't like the judges' decisions. But we were all really excited when Chloe (Dao)won.
T: Chloe's great, isn't she?
Me: Yes, in fact I have a couple of dresses from her shop.
T: Great. What do you think about the show?
Me: Well, I wasn't pleased with last week's judging. Anthony was a great walking one-liner. But, the judges have let a number of designers go before that I really liked.
T: If you didn't like last week, get ready for this week. Something crazy happens.
Me: I saw something on projectrungay, T and Lo's site, that said that.
T: Oh Tom and Lorenzo, you read them?
Me: Of course, everyday.
RW: It is crazy, I've seen it.
Exchange of pleasantries, hugs, etc. And, scene.
He held my hand during the whole exchange-several minutes. And, we hugged! Hugged. I was so nervous, I was shaking after. I had to have some champagne to calm down. He was just as kind and polished as I imagined he would be. What a fun experience. I love Tim Gunn!


  1. You can never take off that outfit and never wash that hand. You know this, right? :)

    Such a great experience!

  2. Wow. Just, WOW! That's almost like a normal conversation for Tim Gunn. I would've been dying of nerves. Of course, I don't watch PR so I'd be clueless about that stuff, but I still LOVE him.

  3. Oh my gosh, what fun, and I've heard before that he's incredibly gracious and warm in person. You looked FAB by the way!!

  4. I can't get to the Tim Gunn part because I can't stop staring at your outfit. PERFECT.

    (I love Tim Gunn. I want him to live in my closet and say nice things to me all the time.)

  5. I'm going to wear "dress shorts" next time I come over to your house.

    I so CANNOT think of anything that would look worse on me.

    Glad you got to meet TG. Check that one off the list!!

  6. I can FINALLY see your picture...servers down this am. You look fabulous Elz!!!! How exciting. :)
    Your new blog header is great too. Here's to a fantastic {and quick} week.

  7. Wow! I am sooo impressed. You Rocked!

    Of course the thought of Tim wrangling into a pair of spanks gave me the weebie-jeebies.


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