Favorite Photo 2 (x2)

It's way past time for another couple favorite photos. For those of you stuck in the snow, I hope these bring you to a warmer locale, even if only in your imagination. For me, I'm about 10 weeks away from a little vacation with my husband so this is motivation!
Both photos were taken in Kauai, Hawaii which is a gorgeous place to bring your camera!
*A special note to new followers-Thanks! If I could, I'd give you all a big hug. I never thought anyone except T and maybe a few family members would read my blog. So, thanks for stopping by and introducing me to your blogs too. Mwah-Happy weekend everyone.


  1. You just had to show these didn't you...knowing that I'm going to be spending a week in the cold and snowy Rocky Mtns while secretly wishing I was laying on a beach somewhere. Hee, hee. Incredible images!! See you tomorrow. :)

  2. Wonderful photos. I'm dreaming of summer and warm weather. These photos make me feel happy. Have fun on your vacation.!


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