Love Thursday-And

Like most families, we have our own jokes, habits, and routines. My youngest daughter and I unknowingly created a new "thing" this weekend. Every time my little one does it, I just smile. It seemed perfect for my Love Thursday post this week. My girls get (and give) hugs and kisses like crazy. I never want them to doubt that they are loved. I also firmly believe that a hug and kiss can make you feel instantly better. We hug and kiss; it is our way. I will often point to my cheek and M will give me a kiss (Pavlov training!). This weekend I kept pointing after she gave me a kiss saying "and," and she would kiss the other cheek. Well, she decided that was a pretty fun game. Since Saturday, she has been walking around pointing to her cheek, saying "and" until I give her a kiss. She usually stops saying "and" after about 7 kisses, all the while cracking up. I don't mind one little bit. I hope she never stops saying "and." It's our new little thing.

Find someone you love AND give them a kiss or seven today! Happy Love Thursday.

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  1. That's the sweetest thing ever! I'll try it out on N tonite. :)


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