Ode to a Dress and Shopping Resolution

*I'm at the lamesauce today too. Please come read. I promise it is a story you have to read to believe!

I did something kind of stupid the other day. I made some returns at Anthropologie and figured that I had enough time to do a little pre-shopping. I was planning on just trying a few things on to see if I like them enough to watch them. I pulled a few dresses-just to play around. And then, I found it. The Sprightly Steps dress.

Lord, I am smitten. It is graceful with a vintage twist. I've told you before that Grace Kelly is one of my fashion inspirations and this dress just screams Jackie O and Grace Kelly. I love it. For those interested in a review: the dress fits like a glove. OK, a little more information. I am typically a size 4 in Anthropologie dresses and the 4 fit beautifully. The top was snug-ish, but not in a restrictive kind of way. There was no gaping or crude cleavage. No cramping in the arm holes and you can definitely wear regular undergarments. The skirt is one of the reasons I love this dress. Most people are tempted to wear a tighter dress for occasions (this is definitely an occasion dress, no way would I wear this to work), but then they wear shapewear underneath. Unfortunately some shapewear doesn't allow you to eat or sit or drink comfortably. This dress solves that problem since the skirt is flowy. You would be able to make an awesome impression and still eat the four course meal with dessert without worrying that everything you eat is showing up on the silhouette of the dress. I can think of a million reasons to get this dress- weddings, holiday parties...but, one big reason not to is the price tag of $228. I just can't get over that. I think if the dress was under $200, I might be able to justify the purchase. Yes, I realize that's only $30, but in my mind it is a huge obstacle. I have a ton of Anthropologie clothes in my closet but the fact of the matter is that I have only paid full price for one item- this dress because I love it so much and felt it was made for me. I don't regret that for an instant. But $228? I just don't know. Unless someone (ahem) can rationalize it for me?! Please-convince me!!!

I'm reviewing the dress here because I am officially obsessed. Also, I am embarking on a monthly challenge. A number of people I know are using the month of September to challenge their dressing-using only 15 pieces for the whole month. I think it is a great exercise but I am not joining in for a number of reasons:1 ) that requires WAY too much planning, 2) I love my clothes. I mean I really love all my clothes and I don't know if I could whittle my choices down, 3) I have made it a point to shop very purposefully over the past 2-3 years and feel like my closet reflects that. I don't feel like I need this exercise at this point in time. That's not to say that I might not do it in the future, but not now. What I will do is commit to a different 30 day challenge. Now that my closet is pretty complete (there are just a few items I want- gray peep toe pumps, Tiffany blue pencil skirt...), I feel like I should exercise more fiscal restraint over the next month. So, for the next 30 days, I will not purchase any clothing item for myself. *CAVEAT- If I get a promotion or win the lottery or something celebratory, I give myself permission to buy the aforementioned dress. Ahem. Yes, I know I'm a big hypocrite but that dress is so perfect...Also, it is not highly likely that I win the lottery OR get a promotion.* I'd like to try to make it 60 days, but I'm not sure how realistic that is given the events we have planned over the next 2 months. I plan to start September 1 and will go as long as I can. As the month (or 2) go on, I will periodically post anything I've resisted or am obsessed with to get it out of my system.

What about you? Any fashion related challenges over the next month? Are you joining the 15 in 3o challenge? I hope so, I can't wait to see which pieces everyone chooses and how they work them into their lifestyle.


  1. That dress is beautiful Elz and it fits you perfectly! You must have a special occassion in the coming months to help you justify? School auction gala event? Something? I say go for it. You'd pay much more for an occassion dress at Neimans or Saks and this dress is just so you!

  2. My daughter is getting married! I think that would be reason enough.

  3. It just seems to me that you have about 6 days left to go buy the dress.... It's not september yet, is it???


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