Being an Adult is Hard Reason #34- Also, I am Lame

This weekend I had an unexpected free pass. Meaning, my husband took the girls to the ranch for the weekend. I was left with a quiet house and a free weekend. When I heard about my bonus free time, one of the first things I thought was "Woo hoo, I can finally go to Ikea." Sad. Sadder was when I went to Ikea and found every other person in the City of Houston, no, make that the entire county shopping for items. One reason I rarely go to Ikea is the feeling of being trapped in a labyrinth of cheap home stuff, but you can't turn back and you just have to push through to the end. This trip was no different, except I didn't find one item to buy. Sure, they had a few things I'm considering. But, I felt like if I made it through the maze with the million other people there, I should be rewarded with something-anything. Nada. Sad, lame, boring me.
Tell me you do something equally boring when you have some alone time. Please, make me feel better!

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  1. I cleaned out Naya's closet while she was at a playdate for a few hours on Sunday. While I'm thrilled that it's done and you can actually walk into her closet now, I woke up with a stiff neck and arms yesterday and wondered why I didn't just lay on the couch and watch a movie during my alone time. ;)


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