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I read Carmen's post about self-confidence in yourself and instilling confidence in your children. I thought it was such a great exercise that I decided to share my list of 10 things I am good at, as well as my girls.

My List
1) I'm persuasive
2) I'm really good at public speaking. No, REALLY good-great actually.
3) Remembering little details
4) Face Painting
5) Writing Thank-you Notes and picking out the perfect gifts
6) I very easily adapt to change
7) I'm a great baker
8) Make friends easily
9) Finding deals (skills learned from the great Mir)
10) Party Planning-imagination

Things my girls said I am good at (I like their list better):
1) Sewing- Ha, I wish!
2) Tickling
3) Projects
3) Kisses & Hugs-Awww
4) Cleaning
5) Playing- I'm so glad they said this. I always worry I don;t play with them enough.
6) Snuggling
7) Getting M Dressed

Things I said about Em:
1) Art-Both girls are uberly art talented!
2) Reading
3) Kindness
4) Laughing
5) Swimming
6) Wrapping people around her finger
7) Making up games
8) Puzzles
9) Fashion/Dress-Up
10) Remembering movie lines

Things She said (she was really thoughtful and 100% correct!):
1) Handwriting- So true, the girl has Ah-mazing handwriting
2) Art
3) Smart (laughing)
4) Math
5) Reading
6) Exploring
7) Make-up and hair (they put on make-up only on the weekends, when we stay at home!)
8) Dressing up and picking out outfits
9) Being flexible
10) Swimming

Things I said about M:
1) Art
2) Snuggling
3) Confidence
4) Helping me. Helping everybody.
5) Memory-especially songs
6) Singing
7) Playing by Herself
8) Puzzles
9) Getting people to smile
10) Being and individual-just happy with herself

Things M Said:
1) Drawing
2) Cutting and Punching (paper, at school)
3) Hugs & Kisses
4) Laughing
5) Smiles and being funny
6) Eating
7) Making Messes
8) Counting-she then recited her numbers
9) Singing
10) I do great art projects

The really interesting thing is that both girls wanted to talk more about what their sister was good at, rather than think about their strengths. I'm going to work on encouraging them more to realize their individual strengths. It is a fine line. I want to encourage my children to be confident and follow their talents. But, I don't want to raise egotistical little brats. Any ideas that have worked for you? What are your strengths and do you find it easy or difficult to list your strengths?

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