Texas Summer-The Heat is On

The summer is in full force. We are used to unbearably, oppressively hot summers in Houston. Fortunately earlier this summer was pretty rainy, so the heat wasn't too bad. Now? Now it is as hot as Hell. No hotter, like Hell times a grillion.* I've been thinking about one of our favorite spots to go in the Summer-a little piece of the Guadalupe River by our friends' ranch property. We 've spent time at this river spot wasting away many summer days before our girls were born. Now we take them to this spot to learn how to skip rocks and fish. Just looking at the shady trees and water make me feel a little cooler. Also, now I kind of want some BBQ. The heat is really messing with my mind!

*It's so hot that I am seriously considering cutting several inches of my hair just to get an extra degree or two cooler-and I look terrible with short hair.

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  1. It is horrible! I've had to water my outside plants twice a day and they're still wilting.

    Thank goodness we just got a new AC unit but I'm expecting to come home to a brown lawn. 60's and 70's in Europe here I come!! ;)


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