Friday Favorite- Shark Christmas Ornament

I am fascinated by sharks. I love learning about them, love Shark Week, love swimming with sharks. My parents know my obsessions with sharks and brought back the best souvenir ever, a shark ornament. Oh my Lord, I love it! The best ornament ever. Even better that they gave it to me on the first day of Shark Week. I believe they found it on Mauai. I can't wait to hang it on my tree. I love it so much that I've displayed it on my mantel from the minute I received it and I haven't taken it down yet. No, I don't collect sharks, but this HAD to be displayed.
Friday Favorite- Shark Christmas ornament.

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  1. Shark sister! Which is what I just decided you are to me because I too love sharks. In fact, shark diving is one my list of things to do. And I actually might get to see some if we go snorkeling where I think we're going snorkeling in Maui. EXCITED.


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