Blowing Off Summer

Summer is almost over. Well, the heat will be sticking around for several more weeks. Who am I kidding? It will be Halloween before the temperatures really drop. But, school has started and football is about to start (YES!), our schedules just get busier and busier during the fall. So, this weekend, I made sure I took some time to play as a family.
We got out the bubbles and just let the girls go crazy. They went through bottles of bubbles and made amazing bubbles.
The girls were soaking in suds by the end of the bubble session. They laughed, screamed, and were so proud of the bigger and bigger bubbles they created.

We all had a blast. We may make this a weekly tradition. Blowing bubbles is just plain fun for everyone. I don't think you can be in a bad mood when bubbles are around!


  1. We LOVE bubbles. OK, I love bubbles and the boys don't mind playing along. Those are great ones.

  2. Good bubbles! Did you use the gymboree solution?? Or do you mix up your own with extra glycerin???


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