Best Laid Plans and Catwoman

I had grand plans for this weekend. We had friends come in for a wedding. I was going to hang curtains and finish my second project for the master bedroom renovation. I was going to finally meet Pam for a playdate...Well, my best laid plans were derailed entirely by a nasty bout of strep throat. I am just now feeling almost back to myself. In lieu of completing any of my plans, , I found this fun little video from Crazy Sexy Geeks via the Fug Girls. I think it is hilarious. Tim Gunn says you can "extrapolate from bat to batwoman," people, that is just pure gold.

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  1. I'm so sorry you were sick last weekend but I'm glad I can say that it's no way possible that my kid gave you strep! We were home the weekend before taking care of her, she was so sick.
    Hope you're better now and gearing up for vaca!!


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