To Market, To Market

I do not enjoy garage sales. I never find anything at thrift stores, but I love imagining great finds. I see amazing furniture and decor transformations all over the internet and in decor magazines and wish I had the patience or the eye, or the luck to replicate. However, I do like markets. I guess I like to see everything in one place (preferably inside, with wine) from actual vendors.
Last weekend, the Urban Market opened in Houston. I think they host the market once every quarter. I went with Tricia and some friends. Ladies, if you are looking for great home decor, Tricia will find it for you. She's always knows the decorating trends, so I was really interested to see what items caught her eyes and what she planned to make out of each piece.
I found a few things that interested me. I love the amber colors of these vintage bottles. I've been looking for an older wooden crate and bottles for my living room, but $40 for each bottle? I don't think so.
I loved the colors of this display, the green was so bright in person. The bright green against the white was a really nice pop. I think I'll try to replicate this look next Spring.
I am really digging typography right now and found two great finds. I'm not sure how great a deal I got on these items, but I love them and they are perfect for what I want to do, so I am happy with them. First, I found this galvanized rusted letter B for our living room. I think you know that I love rusted things. We have a lot of copper and gold in the living room, so I think this piece will pull it all together. At $23, this is a statement piece.
I also found retro plastic letters E-A-T. The T is chipped, so the vendor gave me an extra to see if I could figure out how to fix it. It will look great around the other instructions/words in the kitchen. $15 for the lot; I think that is a pretty good deal.
These are my Trifty Treasures today. I'm excited to post on Rhoda's Thifty party since I never have any Thrifty finds, this will probably be my least until the next Urban Market! Do you like garage sales? Do you have good luck in thrift stores? If so, how do you do it?! What are some of your favorite finds lately?


  1. I dig the B, as it is in my name...Brian

  2. What a fun post. I love shopping, so you had me at "To Market!"

  3. Good girl snapping some pics there, between the heat and the mud I was overwhelmed. Love your finds and anxious to see them hanging.
    Have a great week.


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