Plants, Petals, and Weird Scaly Things

One of my favorite parts of Mexico is the vibrant flowers and plants.
We're used to seeing unbelievably gorgeous Bougainvillea like the ones above. Actually the Bougainvillea around the property reminded me quite a bit of Italy and Southern France-you'll see why in a day or two.

But this time, we found some really interesting plants and flowers.Like this tree bark that looked like barnacles or sea snails.

And, this banana? Plantain plant?
It had the most unusual deep purple flower at the bottom of a long thick stem (?), with a bunch of fruit up top.

The resort was really big on growing their own herbs and used basil for lots of yummy things-like margaritas (recipe to follow soon). This little concrete pot with basil flowers was on our patio and was so fragrant during our entire stay.

Do you know any of the plants above? We are really interested to find out what the banana plant is. I'm sure google knows what it is, but haven't gotten there yet.

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