Door Decor

I took these three photos on our recent trip to Mexico. There's something about doors that is so interesting to me. Maybe it's wondering what is behind the door.
Or admiring the handiwork involved in making the door.
Whatever it is, the story or the art, these doors grabbed me. I went to party the other day at an gorgeous home here in Houston and one of the most interesting parts of the home (to me) was the antique wooden door-it looked like it came from an old french farmhouse. Who knows, maybe it did! I had to restrain myself from taking a picture of the door. Is there a design element that inspires you that others might look past?


  1. I love doors as well and snapped some great pics of doors all over Italy and Switzerland last summer. That last door is too cool!

  2. Love your taste for design and your photography and travel all rolled into one! :) These doors are fab.

  3. I have a thing for doors, too. I have this idea of finding some antique italian ones and putting them on the inside of the house somewhere. Some day.

    And now I'm loving the old-world wooden/distressed GARAGE doors that are popping up on the custom homes around here.

    I need a door intervention.

  4. Just popping by because I am friends with Pam. Even tho I haven't seen her since middle school.

    And I too have pictures of doors from all over the world. I am sure there is something very deep and meaningful there and a few kids ago I might have been able to philosophize about it.


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