Love Thursday-Fishing

One of our favorite activities while we are on vacation is deep-sea fishing. We had the best fishing luck several years ago off the shore of Puerto Vallarta when my husband reeled in a marlin over 250 pounds and at least 8 feet (I reeled in the bait fish-a 10 pound dorado). Lately though, we have had terrible luck. The great thing about deep sea fishing is catching beautiful fish (we catch and release the trophy fish). The not so great thing is not catching fish.
Since we had so few days in Ixtapa, we decided to go off-shore fishing in Zihuatanejo. We'd be gone half the time and should catch something.
We ended up catching everything. I think we caught 9 or 10 fish total.

I caught some great pictures.

It was great to just sit down and learn from Huaco (our captain) and just be. Fishing requires alot of patience and time, just like Love.

Take your time and be patient. Happy Love Thursday.


  1. I would love to just out there on that boat and feel the breeze and take in the beautiful surroundings!

  2. Happy Thursday!! Wow - those pictures are great!



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