Mexican Design

I figure I'm about 3 days away from wearing you all out with stories about Mexico. Since I have 3 posts left, it works out well! I love great design and was really inspired by a number of different things-flowers, rocks, wood, doors, decor. I hope you find something that inspires you. This is the view looking up at the hotel. This view reminded me quite a bit of my travels in Italy and Southern France, but with Bouganveilla instead of lavender.

A few shots of the sunning deck above the beach. I loved the lanterns hanging in the trees.

And the lanterns in the rock.

Will you indulge me in four posts? Because, the doors warrant their own post. Well, it is my blog, so four more posts it is!

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  1. Wow Elz...looks like you guys really had to slum it on this vaca huh?! Well, maybe next year you'll find a more spectacular spot. :)


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