Friday Favorite-Capella Ixtapa (duh)

Absolutely, hands down, the best hotel/resort I've stayed in- Capella Ixtapa is my Friday Favorite. Let's be honest, it will be my Friday Favorite for the next year. It was that awesome. Awesome.
This view outside the bedroom? Stunning.

Amazing. truly, madly, deeply amazing.
I may never vacation again it was that great. Pffht, who are we kidding?

Capella Ixtapa, my Friday Favorite. Do you have a favorite vacation destination or hotel? I'd love to know and start daydreaming about my next vacation...


  1. I am leaving for my favorite vacation destination next week!
    This is an amazing spot. You need to frame that photo so you can remember it every day!

  2. It looks magnificent!
    The Grand Hotel in Florence, Italy is one of my favorites. We traveled their with my parents right after we got married (yes, a honeymoon of sorts with the in laws). Great memories, beautiful hotel.
    Happy Friday Elz. Any interest in running 7 miles at Memorial at 6am tomorrow?? :)

    See you Sunday for sure.

  3. I can see why that is your favorite place. You really do have some fabulous vacations! I might ask you to help me when I am having my next big holiday!

    Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,

  4. Hm, a fave vacation spot? There are so many! Best hotel would have to be the Fairmount Banff Springs in Banff, Alberta. Complete luxury, beautiful scenery...simply amazing.

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  6. The pool looks divine! I've actually never been in an infinity pool!!


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