Wednesday On the Rocks

This Wednesday really feels like a "hump" day to me. I feel like I'm pushed from one side, pulled from the other, sort of like being smashed between rocks.

All pictures mine -Capella Ixtapa

I remembered these shots from Mexico and thought they would be perfect. Sometimes just reflecting on nature and the power of minute things-like a drop of water; how powerful it becomes when combined with trillions of others- can really ground me. I don't feel so powerless. I feel calmed, rested, and ready to attack the rest of the week. What about you? Are you ready to tackle the day, some new project, what trick calms you?


  1. Great photos Elz! What calms me? Hmmm...I think you already know that answer to that question. A big glass of vino always seems to do the trick. :)

    The waves this week are a bit rougher than last week that's for sure! Here's to nothing but calm waters and smooth sailing next week.

  2. I am with you Morning T...nothing like a glass of wine to help me chill!

    Great pictures Elz.

    Hope your week has been fabulous.

    Best wishes,


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