Friday Favorite-Lands End Canvas

I never thought of Lands End for fashionable clothes. I know they have great quality for kids' clothes, and I've ordered swimsuits before, but never anything that I would wear. After a number of fashion bloggers began blogging about Lands End Canvas, I decided to try it out. Fortunately, Land's End has pretty great pricing, which combined with frequent discounts, meant that I could try a couple of pieces relatively inexpensively. I ordered this navy skirt that I thought would work well in both Spring and Summer. I can imagine wearing it to birthday parties, BBQs, ball games, and work. In fact, I've already worn it to work. I have to say that I really like it. What I like better is Land's End amazing customer service. A few days before my order arrived, I received a hand-written note about my order and the Land's End guarantee. I did need to return part of my order and the people at Land's End at Sears could not have been nicer. In fact, I got a cardigan while I was there that bears a remarkable resemblance to the J. Crew Jackie cardigans I love, but about $40 cheaper! I saw a number of great pieces while I was snooping around the Land's End department, like this dress that will need to join my closet. If you haven't thought about Land's End for your closet, take a look at their Canvas line. I think you'll like it and their customer service will make it your favorite too!

Land's End Canvas- my Friday Favorite

*FCC: This is not a paid advertisement. I bought all the pieces with my own money and this blog represents my own thoughts.*


  1. They don't have petites!

  2. I will have to have a look! Thanks.

    Best wishes,

  3. You are the only person I know who could carry off gathered skirts like that. I would be like a stuffed sausage wearing a tutu. So jealous.


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