No Book, No Problem!

Last night I joined a fun group of bloggers to welcome Bossy to Houston. It was a really nice get together to promote Bossy's (No) Book Tour. It was such a great time that I think all my favorite bloggers should go on (No) Book Tours...cough Mir cough! We were a small enough group that everyone had time and opportunity to get to know one another, but large enough to be fairly diverse. Two of my favorite bloggers were there. Jenny amazes me by somehow remembering who I am and not turning the other direction. Also, the lady brings the FUNNY (and is so super sweet). If you've read this site for any period of time, you know that I love Karen, who is probably the most true and gracious individual I have ever met. I was fairly confident that the evening would be fun, even if it was just the four of us-how cool would that have been?! I can't remember all the names of the other attendees (I know I will find them later through Bossy's write up). But everyone was so nice and welcoming. We even had a cameraman there (Hi Niko) to document the meeting. It was a little weird at first, but we managed to bring him into our fold soon enough-mwah ha ha. I'm glad there were other cameras there because mine stayed in my purse-stupid rookie mistake. Karen was nice enough to take another portrait of me! I know, I am super lucky-I love her work. If you visit my house and see a whole wall of pictures of me (from her photos), don't be surprised.

I have to say Bossy's No Book Tour was definitely more my speed than when Ree came to sign her book. I was able to talk with Georgia and get a taste for her life on the road. (I was 300 people back to see Ree.) The poor woman is driving 12,000 miles! Away from her family and friends for the sake of all of us. Austin, show up, meet her, you will have a blast. Georgia, next time we will provide all the pulled pork you could ever want. 12,000 miles deserves some award winning BBQ.


  1. It was great to meet you last night! I, too, am kicking myself for not taking pictures.

  2. Sounds like fun! I'm off to check out the pics and write ups on their blogs.

  3. I had fun too. It must be strange for Bossy, us knowing so much about her and her barely knowing us (well, some of us). She is very gracious and I hope she felt welcomed and at home. Houston is a homey kind of place I think. :) (except for that drunk dude)

    Enjoyed meeting you and hope we can all get together soon!

    Cheers -


  4. Enjoyed meeting you the other night at Bossy's get together. I did manage to get a few pictures thankfully! I bring my camera everywhere and more often than not return home without having even remembered that I had it!


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