Another Texas Tour in Pictures

I think my blog is in danger of becoming a pictorial homage to bluebonnets. I'm ok with that. I've saved you from scrolling through too many pictures, I had 78 pictures just from this weekend! The photo above was taken out of my car window (husband was driving) on our way to Austin this weekend. Insane.
We drove through a rural area where there must have been at least 100 acres of wildflowers, look at that!
Amazing. Here you can see a little of the 'road" my husband took us on. I don't think the ranchers in the area had ever seen a minivan drive down that road!

This race is the reason we went to Austin. I forgot my Tutu for Tanner, but I had a good race. My friend Tobin told me about a new running method (4minutes running:1 minute rest). It went really well. I finished the 10K about one minute faster than my first 10K, but with hills and walking 11 minutes, so I had several miles at 9 minutes. Not too shabby!


  1. Those photos of the bluebonnets are awesome, keep em coming!
    Congrats on the race...I'm not sorry to have missed those hills. :)
    Thanks again for a fun weekend. You have great friends and a wonderful family~ we enjoyed being included.

  2. Is it the Galloway Method. That's what I used to coach!!

    Good job on the race:)


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