Love Thursday-Popsicles

My post today is late because I spent most of the day with my older daughter (Em), trying to help her recover from a nasty bout of strep throat. Em never acts sick until she is really, really sick. She could be walking around with a insanely high temperature and you would never know it. Poor girl was not herself all day long. She fought the doctor when he tried to get a throat sample, she only nibbled at her food, she rarely smiled. It wasn't until late afternoon that I was able to entice her to eat a Popsicle. After another dose of Tylenol, she ate another Popsicle and gradually her fever broke. I feel so helpless when m,y kids are sick. I hate not being able to ease their pain. Thank God for Popsicles.

Love is sitting in bed with a cup of water, a Popsicle, and sitting through Disney and Nickelodeon. Love is snuggling a sick child and knowing that somehow mommy can make it better-slowly, and with a little help. I hope you find that Love (Thursday) that makes you feel better today.

*Edited: Em feels 100% better today. My husband asked her, "Aren't you glad that the doctor was able to give you antibiotics to make you feel better?" She replied, 'No, daddy, it was the Popsicles that made me feel better."

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  1. So sweet. I think there is serious healing power in the popsicle.


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