Love Thursday- Birthday Greetings

Today is my Birthday! Whee- I don't look like I should be 25, do I? (Probably because I'm not.) No, today I am firmly in my mid-30s. What I love most about my birthday is not the presents part (though that is admittedly, great). It's the little calls and notes you get throughout the day. The call from your friend you haven't talked to in months; the early morning texts and calls from family. That's what I love. I love that people remember the day and choose to celebrate what you mean to them by making personal contact.

Today for Love Thursday, and as a birthday gift to me, reach out to someone you love-give them a call, send them a note, show up with flowers. I think a little act of love will make such a big difference. Happy Love Thursday everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday Elz!! We need to plan a adult girls night out, maybe pinot and picassa? Have a great day today.


  2. Happy birthday, Gorgeous! I hope you have an awesome day!!

  3. Happy happy birthday - hope it was fabulous! I plan on calling someone I haven't talked to in YEARS.. a good friend who moved and we lost touch. She recently send her a phone number with a big CALL ME on there... when my youngest is playing with friends I plan to find a quiet corner and do just that!


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