What I've Learned

You may have wondered where I've been lately. I've been learning lots of new things. Things like:
Always keep a plastic bag in the back seat.

When your gut tells you to buy car cleaning cloths and wipes for the car, don't doubt it because you've never bought them before. Buy them---you will use them twice in one week.

Oprah was right, you are wearing the wrong bra size. Yes, even you. You don't even want to know how wrong I was...

When your New Year's Eve starts off with a kid vomiting, your year will likely be full of lots of kid vomit.

Despite the fact that there are 4 very prominently displayed calendars in your house, your husband does not see them. Any of them.

Even that one right above his desk.

Cookies really do make everything better.

Don't ever drive behind an open dump truck with the word "waste" on the side if you ever feel like eating again.


  1. Oh Elz I'm so sorry!!!! The week is almost over and you forgot one very important truth....WINE is your friend.

    PS- I will get a proper measurement next time I go bra shopping.

  2. My last experience behind a waste truck was so disgusting, I just got a whiff of it even as I sit here in my office because the stench is officially buried in my nose.

    And wipes. Yes, worth every single penny. Mine run out weekly, mostly due to my clumsy car eating errors, but I'm so grateful for them!


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