Friday Favorite- Sofft Shoes

I bought a pair of Sofft shoes before I left for Mom 2.0 at DSW. They may be one of the best shoe purchases ever. I can't locate the pair I bought online, they are similar to the ones pictured, but a little less gladiator. You can find Sofft shoes just about anywhere, but DSW prices were at least $40 cheaper than what I am seeing online. Finally a "business sandal." Before I bought them, I was adamantly against sandals in the office, but these shoes changed my mind. Dressy enough for the office and comfortable enough to wear out on the weekend. My shoes are so comfortable that I wear them pretty much every chance I get. In fact, I'm going to wear them today to work. They gets tons of compliments each time I wear them- which is a good measure of a shoe purchase! So comfortable. So soft.

Sofft shoes are my Friday Favorite. Just because I'm not shopping doesn't mean I can't still talk about shopping, right?!


  1. You had me worried for a bit... with the no shopping :-)
    These are a friday's favorite for sure!

  2. ooooh!! I like these!! I usually shy away from heels b/c Im so ding dang tall but I'd make an exception with these guys!

  3. I love Sofft shoes! I also always buy them at DSW, they are so incredibly comfortable and pretty cute.

  4. I've always wondered if they're as "sofft" as the label claims. I'm always prospecting for comfortable shoes that won't make me look and feel like an old lady. Thanks for the rec.


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