Friday Favorite- Bon Jovi Concert

Last week we went to the Bon Jovi concert. I had been looking forward to this concert for years. We saw Bon Jovi at the Rodeo about 6 or 7 years ago. They completely rocked...and then they did two random cover songs that sort of ruined the rest of the rocking. Anyhow, I promised myself we'd go again if they came into town and THEY DID. And, then we ended up with extra tickets and there was all this drama BUT... we went and it was AWESOME.

AWESOME. The concert definitely goes down as a Friday Favorite!

The concert was like going back in time. Bon Jovi has a great song book and pretty much all of them rock. The people watching was awesome; everyone from middle aged mullets to partying 60 year olds and everything in between. We had such a great time rocking out that I was inspired to convince my friend Karla to go to "Rock of Ages" next week. I can't wait!

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  1. not so much a bon jovi fan, but i bet they would put on a good show.

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