Friday Favorite- The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries and Vampire Diaries Pictures

I'm veering away from highlighting something you can buy to something you should be watching. "The Vampire Diaries." This show is consistently SO good. I LOVE the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for all sorts of reasons like a strong female heroine, quippy writing, kick butt action, the awesomest musical episode in the history of television. I even watched "Angel" for years because it was a Buffy spin-off. After Buffy, every other vampire show or movie paled in comparison (Ha ha- paled, because of vampires. Dude, I SLAY me. Ha ha-again!). I tried. Really, I did. But, I do not understand the Twilight phenomenon. A vampire with a soul in love with a normal girl? Yeah, Buffy did it first, better, and their vampire was Totally Hott. I even passed on True Blood. Not interested. I tried and discarded every vampire, supernatural show...until...some internet friends started going on and on about "The Vampire Diaries." I really didn't believe it. A vampire show has to be really good to interest me. I think I was bored one night and thought, "Eh, OK, I'll give it a shot." And, holy heck 1) The writing is excellent, 2) The writing is quippy, 3) They have a vampire in love with a normal girl (actually they have two) and one of them is SO HOTT. Both are believable story lines, 4) Major eye candy, 5) The show is not afraid to kill people, vamps, werewolves. One episode they killed like 12 people and 2 vampires. Awesome. 6) They came up with a Vampire-Werewolf. That is super interesting. I wish Joss Whedon had come up with that first. I don't even consider the show a guilty pleasure, it's just awesomely good. I don't care if the main demographic isn't old enough to drive-I don't care. Watch this show. Trust me. You won't regret it.

"The Vampire Diaries" is over for the season, which makes it the perfect time to catch up on the show. You will not be sorry. This show has quickly surpassed all others in terms of what I HAVE to watch. My Friday Favorite TV show- "The Vampire Diaries."


  1. You almost have me convinced to watch it, almost!
    Happy Friday Elz.

  2. Nope. Never gonna happen. I don't get the whole vampire thing. Kinda like clowns.

  3. I am just home from Italy and now able to check out your friday's favorites.
    I'm not so much into Vampire stories... in fact when we were in Italy last year (2 years ago?) they were filming New Moon. The little town was overrun with Vampires!


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