No Shopping Challenge-May

There are lots of shopping challenges out there-see Liz for an amazing amount of willpower. A year-no shopping-a year-I have no words. Other than Bravo! My friend Pam did a closet challenge a few months ago and tried to get me on board. I like the idea of putting something out in the internet for accountability. But, I don't want to limit my clothing options; I like my clothes and don't want to just choose 15 items-that's just crazy talk!
If you know me in real life, you know I am constantly battling myself about shopping (I'm a saver at heart, but love a good deal). I don't necessarily WANT to buy new things, but they are so, so pretty. I've tried giving up shopping for a month and for Lent (Fail) many times before and hate it. Let me be clear, I do not have a crazy shopping habit. I am careful about what I purchase and think before I buy. But, I feel like the time is right to just take a breather and come up with new ways to wear my clothes. I also think it is a good exercise to spend a few months a year not shopping. So, I am following Kim's lead and not shopping for the rest of May. The rules are here and summarized below. I like this challenge because it's not as austere as some, while encouraging accountability. I'll update you as things go-hopefully I will be successful. Wish me luck. Now, just have to delete all those "deals of the day" emails I get...

The challenge commences Wednesday May 4, 2011
~ Challenge will run through May 31, 2011 *I like this, it's not too long, but long enough to hopefully make a difference)
~ No buying clothing/shoes/accessories for the rest of May
~ You are allowed one cheat item. This can be your ban breaker. Something you've been waiting to go on sale, one thing you must buy before the end of the month, etc.


  1. I'm not usually a crazy shopper but there's something about pregnancy that makes me lose my mind. I know I'll only wear these clothes for a short period of time but I can't help myself and I buy so much stuff. I think it's a mental thing, like I'm feeling fat and huge so I shop to make myself feel better. Maybe I'll unofficially give this a challenge a try too.

    Good luck!

  2. That is awesome Elz- you can totally do it! I love the one item exception. ;) Make it a big one!! I've been on a shopping frenzy lately so I might need to jump on board next month (ha!).

  3. Good Luck with that~ I'm pulling for you :-)

  4. Good luck Elz! I might think about trying the same challenge. Although I have a Vera Bradley gift card burning a hole in my pocket....

  5. Wow, a big congrats for doing this and GOOD LUCK! Please make your one purchase this month something really, really awesome and not like my one purchase - a $10 doll. Really. A $10 doll.


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