Friday (Saturday) Favorite-OPI Texas Nail Polish

Images via SpoiledPretty

As you may know, Blogger was down yesterday, so my Friday's Favorite is now a Saturday favorite. It all worked out since I had time to discover something TOTALLY AWESOME today. Several months ago I promised my girls that we'd get our nails done at the salon once M's finger healed. Her finger has been 100% for some time now, so today seemed like a great time to make good on my promise. I was looking for a fun purple and choose Pamplona Purple. I decided to try to get the shade for touch-ups and discovered something better, "Houston--we have a Purple."

Come On. That's genius! An entire collection of OPI shades based on Texas and named for Texas, including an (Longhorn) Orange. Oh yeah. As usual, the OPI names are almost as good as the colors; Austin-tatious Turquoise, Guy Meets Gal-veston, Do you Think I'm Tex-y. From the reviews I've found on the internet, the Texas colors are sorbet based and, it seems, that they may be very sheer. I plan on buying several colors or maybe the whole collection as soon as the shopping ban is over. C'mon June 1st! Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets excited about new make-up and nail polish lines?!

OPI's Texas Nail Polish Collection is my Saturday's Favorite.


  1. I have several unopened bottles - you can have them all. voila!

  2. I think there is a San Tan-tonio in that collection that I love. I really should just make the commitment and buy it.


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