Another Crafty Piece of Art

I am finally decorating our master bedroom. You may recall that craft projects take me forever to complete; this project was no exception.
I have a blank wall in between the hallway door and the door leading to the master bathroom (above). I realize that the picture above jumps to the finished project, but how boring would a picture of a blank brown wall be? The space has always bugged me, what should I use to decorate there? I saw this sign in a catalog early this Spring and loved it. Not enough to pay over $100 for it, but I loved it. A few days later, I saw a tutorial on younghouselove for their subway sign and thought that method might allow me to mimic the idea of the wooden subway sign.

I bought a plain 24x24 inch block of wood (MDF, I think) from Lowe's that I think cost less than $1. I had white and red craft paint and mod podge, and I was ready to begin.
I was ready to work on my piece when I realized we were heading to our friend's ranch that weekend. Darn, another weekend and no project. Until I remembered that the ranch also is home to this "shop"/craft room extraordinaire (below). So, to the ranch I went with my supplies.After sanding the wood, I painted it white to pop against the dark wall color. I used a dry brush and wiped off with a damp paper towel. After the paint dried, I selected a phrase "Every day I Love You More" and enlarged it. I printed the saying with a space for the "Love" and with the word "Love." I tried both painting the Love red and using alphabet stickers. I liked the look of the stickers better, but if you can print it in color (regular was $6, color was $64!), you would certainly save some time. It probably took me 2 months from paint to mod podge because I tried different fonts, lettering, colors, etc. If you are less...ahem, shall we say concerned with how things look, it wouldn't take you as long!
Once I was happy with the look of the letters, I was ready to mod podge. Those are not air bubbles you see, it is the wood grain underneath. I liked the grainy texture of the wood coming through my piece of paper. If you don't want that to happen, I suggest gluing a piece of cardboard or poster board underneath the paper first.
The final product.Not perfect, but I like it-at least until I add this to the room (um, probably in its place-oops)!
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