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The other day I got the BEST surprise, one of my dearest friends asked me for fashion advice! I was so excited and replied with about a million exclamation marks. Even though the specifics of her situation might not apply to you, the general ideas will. I hope you will find something to inspire you. None of my suggestions involve buying new articles of clothing or following a trend.
My friend Amanda just had her second baby (adorable little Lucy) and returned to work Monday. Her main question to me was how to look stylish with the clothes she already has. Easy answer: Accessories! and Color! I am not one to follow trends. I believe in finding pieces you love that work for your body, regardless of what the designers say is in fashion. Your style should reflect you and should be FUN. If you don't feel comfortable in something, you won't wear it and that's just wasted money.

The items I'm highlighting are selected for new moms, meaning, they will draw the attention up to the neck and face, rather than the waist. One trend that is still office appropriate and Amanda can wear now (she lives up North where it is currently not the temperature of the sun) is scarves.

Lands End Canvas

Banana Republic

I love chunky necklaces and wear them frequently. I feel like they can make an outfit. I suggest pairing a white shirt with black pants and a bright necklace like red or turquoise. Or, a navy or dark shirt would work too. Just be aware of necklines. You don't want your necklace to "kiss" the neckline-above or below only, not on. I love this necklace from Anthropologie and this one from Francesca's Collection for turquoise options.


A great bag serves two purposes, it holds diapers, wipes, and keys and adds pop to your outfit. I know Amanda loves Vera Bradley, this bag has a similar look at a great price. Again, you can pair this with a basic black ensemble, or navy with a pop of yellow or light green.

In addition to accessories, another great way of updating your wardrobe is trying out new color combinations. Combine navy and yellow with a pop of red (a necklace or pair of shoes). Bright green works well with navy or white and red. Purples and blues will also complement each other.

As the baby weight starts fading away, I suggest accentuating your waist with a bold belt or sash. As far as clothing, I love the idea of a tunic over a pair of pants with a belt during the week and jeans or khakis on the weekend. I would look for swimsuit cover-ups to use as tunics, like this one or this one. (Yes, they're both Liberty of London-big surprise!)I'd also suggest looking for shirts and dresses that have details near your neck and face.

Amanda, I hope these ideas helped you a little. Let me know when you are ready to shop!

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  1. Yes dear, these ideas do help a bunch--thanks Elz!


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