Fun, Fun, Birthday Fun.

In celebration of my husband's 40th birthday, I planned a weekend full of the things he loves: BBQ, adult beverages, fishing, swimming, some shooting, and good friends.

He's an easy man to please-give him a fun weekend kicking back with friends on a ranch in Texas and he's happy. What makes you most happy? If you haven't had your 4oth birthday-do you have any fun plans? I think mine will be lazing on a beach somewhere.


  1. OMG Elz at first I thought that picture was something you downloaded...then I remembered it was your blog I was reading AND recognized the backs of the two little people. The way the sun is streaming in over the river is amazing. Glad N enjoyed his bday celebration, it sounds fun.

    We actually went to Puerto Rico for my 40th last year. Nowhere to really lay on the beach (which is what I wanted) but lots of swimming, good food, and fun sites.

  2. That is a seriously cool shot! So glad you guys had a great time - and Happy Happy to Husband!


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