Friday Favorite- Lululemon Best Running Skirt Evah!

I've already mentioned how impressed I am with Lululemon's philosophy. I also think their clothes are pretty great. Even though I only have one piece from Lululemon, it is the best running skirt. It's really cute and performs great. I wear it on my long runs and there is no sweat-during Houston's summer no less! I really like that the skirt says in place and doesn't ride up when I run. I've worn this for several long runs and have never had a problem with chafing or bunching maybe because it has built in shorts? Oh, and it makes your butt look really great!

Lululemon running skirt, today's Friday Favorite.

*Not a paid post. I used my money and a gift card to buy this product and I would buy it again. If Lululemon wants to give me a skirt, I'd be happy to review and keep it. Or even a coupon...a discount of some sort... But, they didn't.


  1. LOL love your disclosure. If I were a runner, I would buy one. How can you run in this weather?! Ugh.

  2. It would have to be a miracle skirt... and maybe some miracle shoes, with miracle socks to make my feet keep moving.
    More power to you!

  3. I'll buy anything that makes my ass look good. Sold.

    (Can I say "ass" on your site? Oh, look, I did it again. ASS.)

  4. It does make YOUR butt look really great:) I loooove me some lululemon. But the built in shorts just don't love me on the skirt. I end up wearing a speedo made out of rolled up built in shorts that sort of squeeze the thighs right out of them. It's really really unattractive.
    I do wear them anyway, though. Because I like the idea that maybe it could be attractive if I just keep running.... and staying away from your evil desserts!


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