Schooltime Favorites

One of the things I really love about my kids going to school (Hint-it's NOT shopping for school supplies!) are the "About Me" and "My Favorite Things" work they bring home. It's a little snapshot into their minds when I'm not around. Here are a select few things my daughter Em (2nd grade) wrote: "The best thing that happened to me last year was "- that I went to Puerto Rico; "If I could rule the world, I'd"- make everything to ice cream; "If I had $100, I'd"- share it with the poor; "My pet peeve"- vacuuming. (Nice, babe. Guess who's getting that chore when they are older?!) OK, the fact that she'd share money with the poor and loved our family vacation kind of make up for the vacuuming thing (she gets mad because I vacuum when she's trying to watch TV). She actually included our Puerto Rico trip in a number of her "About Me" pages. It made me so glad to know that the memories we made on that trip are as precious to her as they are to me.

Of course, my younger daughter brought me back to reality. Her answer to "Person you admire the most"- Barbie. UGH. Just what a feminist mommy wants to hear. In our defense, she's not into the dolls, just the movies, books, etc. Great. Best Parents Ever. Maybe it makes some sense; my dream career in Kindergarten was to be Miss Texas. Not even Miss America. I'm sure my parents were really excited to see that homework sheet.


  1. I died when I read Naya's book- so funny and random. ;)
    Would have loved to hear your conversation with M after reading about that plastic doll that she admires. Too cute.

  2. I am totally on board with Em's idea of making everything into ice cream! :)


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